Luxuriate under time proven techniques to relieve tension and stress.
Why not share your massage with your loved one or friend in our double room.

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    Swedish Relaxation Massage (906030 min – $150.00$105.00$65.00)


    Relaxation massage using time proven techniques to relieve tension, aches and pains. Full body or area focused on request. A must have for the busy and stressed.


    Aroma Therapy Massage (60 min $115.00)

    Using a blend of fine aromatic oils and exotic relaxation techniques to create a supremely calming experience, this massage will leave you wanting more.


    60 Minute Hot Stone Massage (75 min $143.00)

    With the beautiful scent of aromatherapy oils and the heat of the hot stones your therapist will use the stones in her hands to perform your 60 minutes of total relaxation, your tired and sore muscles will melt away, relaxing your whole body and rejuvenating your mind and soul.

    Why not share your massage with your loved one or friend in our double room


    Pregnancy Massage (60 min – $120.00)


    Let us help ease your tired muscles. Using unscented oils to keep your baby safe we will soothe the tension in you back, neck and shoulders, release the aching muscles of your legs and feet and re-energise you with a revitalizing scalp massage.


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